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"Before our coaching, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Heck, I was working so hard I couldn’t even see a tunnel. It wasn’t always easy, but working with Cindy changed every aspect of my life. I am now a happy guy with hope for the future."– Engineering Manager, Sun Microsystems

Coaching for Individuals and Teams
Through coaching, individuals and teams are better able to align their goals and desires. Whether a client wants to develop leadership, improve performance, live with a greater sense of balance or figure out “what’s next”, InsightEdge can help.

As a result of our work together, clients gain deeper self-knowledge; a stronger sense of purpose and accountability; a broader range of options; and more precision in their choices. Sometimes clients feel frustrated as they’re trying to peer around the corners in their life. In those instances, I’m there to believe in their goals enough for both of us, holding the focus until they access their inner strength and confidence.

People often describe feeling like they can finally breathe more fully, ultimately enjoying greater success, both professionally and personally.

"I learned a lot of tools I can use and practice for years to come that will help me both personally and professionally.  I credit this positive experience to Cindy and her skills as a coach.  She’s incredibly intuitive, knows how to frame things in a way that’s very practical and is really easy to talk to." - Eric Cussen, Project Mgr./Scrum Master, Pinnacol Assurance

"...its always incredibly valuable to hear your teammates articulate their goals and struggles.  Seeing your co-workers in that human light creates a lot of empathy and helps me to support them getting what they need." - Jason Sharpe, Namaste Solar

Coaching for Individuals
Step into a professional relationship designed to stimulate, challenge and support you in fine-tuning and achieving your truest objectives. Whether engaged by you or your organization, our coaching:

  • Strengthens insight, self-discovery and leadership skills.
  • Brings into focus important qualities drifting just below the surface.
  • Identifies behaviors that are inconsistent with your goals.
  • Generates tailored strategies and greater momentum.
  • Provides beneficial accountability.

Coaching has a limitless and expansive effect, similar to that of dropping a pebble into a pond.  As a client shifts, this change affects others – family, friends, colleagues and even customers.  Both an individual and his/her organization benefit from this reinvigorated sense of purpose, capacity to motivate others and ability to meet objectives.

"Your insight is amazing, and you really have been able to open the
door for me to take a look at how I can change things in my life for the better." – Dave Hoffman, Application Services Manager, Pinnacol Assurance

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Coaching with Teams
Teams are drawn to development work for a variety of reasons. On one end of the spectrum are high functioning teams eager for it to be "even better"; at the other extreme sits a group of disgruntled employees struggling to meet their goals.

InsightEdge uses the Stellar Team Diagnostic™ Process, developed by Team Coaching International (TCI)™, to work with teams at all points along the continuum, helping them to channel their passion and expertise to create a more productive, enjoyable team experience. We do this by raising individual and group awareness for the sake of authentic communication, meaningful actions and sustainable results.

The Stellar Team Diagnostic™ Process takes a multi-level, systems-oriented approach, which means we look at the web of interactions and interdependencies that flavor the workings of your group, including unspoken rules, vision, blind spots, expectations and even moods.  This work moves the dialogue from ‘who is doing what to whom’ to "what is trying to happen?" The benefit is that the spotlight is lifted from individuals and instead illuminates what the system needs as a whole.

*TCI is a professional services and training firm dedicated to creating sustainable, inspired, high-performing teams.

Teams having gone through this data-driven process will:

  • See how the group rates its Productivity (what it gets done), as well as Positivity (what’s happening while it’s getting things done).
  • Learn 14 success factors, 7 relating to Productivity and 7 relating to Positivity, along with how the team gauges their current level for each.
  • Drill down deeper to understand their unique team actions, resources and beliefs and how to parlay that knowledge into useful strategies for moving forward.
  • Create a Team Agreement that defines strategies for things such as:
  • Build an Action Plan that enables the team to implement their learning and enter the next phase.


"It was with some trepidation that I made the decision to open our "team" to Cindy's discerning eye.  What transpired is nothing short of amazing.

  After allowing us to digest the Team Diagnostic, Cindy led a day long exercise that allowed us to rebuild our team culture in a "safe" place.  It was not easy but the change we envisioned is being actualized in ways that have made it possible for us to identify the elephants in the room, concentrate on our strengths and begin to feel the power of prioritization--no more ad hoc behavior and good bye chaos. 

All of us are proud of the tough love that Cindy is so good at sharing.  Yes we can is now a Career Connections mantra!- Mary Banks, Director Career Connections, CU Boulder, Leeds School of Business

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Strategic Facilitation
While team coaching focuses on developing long-term effectiveness and sustainability of the team, strategic facilitation offers a tool to address pragmatic business needs in the moment. With an experienced, objective professional leading your work sessions:

  • All members can participate freely, without having to balance moderator duties.
  • The elephants in the room can step forward and be brought into the discussion productively.
  • The team benefits from an efficient use of their time and expert management of group dynamics.
  • The group leaves with a clear understanding of next steps.

We have led strategic planning sessions; created the launching point for a new EVP and his team; and guided a company’s top store directors in codifying “what they know”.  What short term issue can we assist you with?

"I continue to get great feedback from the group- they really enjoyed the meeting and felt that your time was very targeted and productive!"– Cynthia Baxter, VP of Field Human Resources Wild Oats Markets, Inc.

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Custom Training
The issues, challenges and opportunities facing your team right now are unique. Imagine the increase in your team's energy after participating in highly targeted, fully relevant training created in response to that uniqueness. From sessions focused on Delivering Effective Performance Reviews to Coaching Skills for Managers, we have seen positive results.

Our training and development workshops have been popular for several reasons:

  • The content and exercises are developed in consideration of group dynamics, levels of experience and business need.
  • Participants stay "tuned in" as a result of the relevance of the situation-specific material.
  • Courses are highly interactive, experiential and engaging.
  • Participants come away with supporting reference materials and resources that are directly applicable to their needs.

If your organization could benefit from enhanced communication skills or heightened personal leadership, let us develop a training session tailored to your needs.

"Cindy was a terrific facilitator, teacher and coach. Our team of HR professionals quickly learned a helpful array of skills and tools that many of us have applied with Sun executives. Even the more senior managers honed existing skills and learned new ways to work with clients. We have since referred Cindy to other HR groups across Sun." – Bonnie Davis, Senior HR Business Partner, Sun Mircrosystems

"At first it seemed like a daunting task [to] make time for the whole the end, it was very worthwhile, helpful, and fun!" - Blake Jones, Namaste Solar

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